What is Kratom? Understanding Kratom and Its Uses

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There is a tree called kratom; grown and cultivated in some parts of Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand and its neighboring country. The plant has been used by the natives to cure numbers of diseases for hundreds of years. However, due to the significant number of protests and arguments regarding the herb’s efficacy and notable side-effects, the Thai government had passed a law including kratom in the “Thai Narcotic Act”, penalizing civilians who grow, cultivate, and sell kratom.

As years passed, more and more studies have proven the efficacy of kratom as a powerful herb to cure numerous diseases. As a result, the Thailand government has approved the use of kratom, however, for medical use only.

What is Kratom anyway?

As mentioned kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is a tree-like plant that contains a powerful chemical called mitragynine, which usually works similar to codeine and morphine to relieve acute pain and more.

Traditionally, the leaves of the kratom tree are often used to make kratom capsules, pills, powder, and oil. Kratom contains more than 40 compounds and 25 more alkaloids, but the most active is the mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which has stimulating and depressant effects but possesses powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Is Kratom dangerous?

You might wonder if kratom’s efficacy is always in controversy, shouldn’t you waste your time and health to use it? Firstly, according to the experts, the side-effects of kratom are limited; this means, side-effects may occur only if kratom is used in high doses, which includes:

•    Psychosis
•    Seizures
•    Tremors
•    Liver damage
•    Trouble breathing
•    Brain swelling

There are non-life threatening side-effects for some medium doses too; however, these will vary person to person and how the kratom product was prepared. The effects may include:

•    Dry mouth
•    Constipation
•    Frequent urination
•    Nausea
•    Vomiting
•    Tongue numbness

What can kratom do?

Kratom, being involved in controversies, has a lot of benefits too; these include the following:

  • Relieve chronic pain –As explained, kratom contains alkaloids, which has the same relieving effects as the mild opioids; however, kratom does not have an addictive effect than the opioids.
  • Helps ease the effects of addiction –Several experts have pointed out that kratom is not any form of opiate; however, it can activate the opiate receptors in the brain but in a good way. It helps the addicts to recover from drug addiction. Also, kratom helps reduce symptoms of opiate withdrawal, which includes:

o    Vomiting
o    Muscle cramps
o    Nausea
o    Pain
o    Sleeplessness
o    Anxiety

So, if you know someone who wants to stop taking drugs, you can advise they can try mitragyna speciosa or kratom; however, they need to consult the experts to avoid serious adverse effects caused by overdosage.

Helps people suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety – Kratom contains psychoactive substance, which helps release serotonin and endorphins – hormones that are responsible for overall mood.

There are more things to discover about kratom. If you are planning to take some kratom product, make sure to consult your physician, buy the product from a reliable source, and take the right dose as instructed.


4 Secrets to Keeping Your Kitchen Knives Sharp

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As a cook, your knives are your most prized possession. Working with sharp knives will not only give you better results and make cooking more enjoyable, it will also be safer as well. Dull knives require you to apply more pressure when cutting and can slip, which could result in injuries. Not only that, but a good set of knives could easily set you back a few hundred dollars, so you want to keep them in good shape as long as you can. Here are a few things that you can do to increase your knives’ longevity and keep them sharp.

Don’t Overuse Your Chef’s Knife

Your chef’s knife is the most important, and most valuable, knife in your collection. So, you should use it sparingly and only for the applications it was made for. You should only use your chef’s knife for cutting vegetables and certain kinds of meat. If you’re going to cut bread, use a serrated knife. A serrated knife will also work great for cutting things like tomatoes, for instance. And never, under any circumstances, use it to cut frozen foods. If you care about your knives, let food thaw before cutting as steel from your knives could easily chip away.

Use the Right Cutting Board

The cutting board you choose will also have a direct influence on your knives’ durability. The absolute worst material you could go for is glass. Glass has the virtue of being easy to clean, but it can also destroy your knives. If you need a cutting board to handle meats, plastic is usually a better option, though it can still be hard on knives in some case. The best material for knives is wood without a doubt. This surface will be gentle on your knives and cutting on them feels a lot better as well. Plus, wood lasts a long time too, as long as you care for it properly.

If you’re looking for a great hardwood cutting board, you can always check the selection at Virginia Boys Kitchens. Their walnut wood cutting boards are made from the best materials and are sourced right here in the USA. Walnut boards are also easy to maintain and safe thanks to their antibacterial properties.

Clean Knives the Right Way

People are often unaware of how much damage knives can suffer when they’re not cleaned the right way. The worst thing you could do for your knives is throw them into the dishwasher. When you do, the knives risk getting into contact with other utensils in the dishwasher and suffer some unnecessary dulling.

Pay a Pro to Sharpen Your Knives

While it may seem old school to use a knife sharpener to sharpen your knives, you’ll be glad you’ve made the decision. Most people don’t have the technique down and you don’t want to start practicing on your brand new set of Victorinox’s. Not only that, but you’ll never be able to get the same result with steel. Using steel is like using a toothbrush while going to a pro is like getting a full dental treatment, so make sure you protect your investment and give your knives the best care you can.


Knives are a serious investment for any cook and you should take care of them and cherish them. Make sure that you follow these tips if you want to keep them in perfect condition for a long time and keep them as sharp as possible.


Handling Loved Ones Affected By Severe Anxiety Disorder

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Every day in many parts of the world, millions of individuals experience severe anxiety disorder. These individuals may feel sudden panic that causes them heart palpitations. The fear can be caused by anything that will make them feel threatened, mostly imagined fears. A person with generalized anxiety disorder will often worry leading to an unproductive life.

What’s surprising is that anxiety disorder doesn’t really start big. It usually starts out as stress, which is actually the body’s natural response to certain overwhelming situations. When stress becomes recurring and doesn’t seem to find a resolution over a specific period, it can lead to anxiety disorder.

Severe anxiety disorder can make a person lose sleep and feel fatigue most of the time. Eventually, they lose focus in their daily tasks which can greatly affect their job, home life, and even relationships. It is then very important for loved ones to suggest immediate treatment once they have observed manifestations of severe anxiety disorder.

One of the basic things that a loved one or a friend can do to support is to list down all observable symptoms shown by the person. A person with severe anxiety disorder will most likely express their fears over something that seems very common.

For example, they may have sudden dread of traveling upon hearing that an accident has occurred. They constantly worry if they too will get involved in a car accident once they are seated in the vehicle. Loved ones who suffer from such thoughts must be helped by calming them and reassuring them that probability of an accident is quite low when one drives safely.

People with severe anxiety disorder may also experience panic attacks. Their cognitive perception of a situation is more exaggerated making them react differently. It will be a mistake to push them to their limit and put them into a situation that will make them helpless. Rather, a loved one should search for psychiatrists and schedule a consultation as soon as possible.

If the signs of stress are detected early on and a person schedules a consult with a doctor, the doctor may recommend that a patient take adaptogenic herbal supplements along with some treatments. These supplements are especially formulated to support a person’s stress response so that one doesn’t panic or get stressed out right away when things go haywire.

There are plenty of popular adaptogenic supplements in the market today, so one will do well to read unbiased reviews first before purchasing. It’s important to contain the problem and not make it worse. That’s because if stress isn’t managed properly and it eventually leads to anxiety disorder, that can mean even more trouble for a person.

If severe anxiety disorder will be left untreated, it’s possible for the person get depressed. Hence, the best support that a loved one can provide is not to address the condition by himself. One must accompany the person to the doctor and encourage him to regularly attend his behavioral treatment. Likewise, the person should encourage the patient to take medications regularly to recover quickly. People with severe anxiety disorder needs emotional support from loved ones and friends which can really be one big step to feeling better.


Dart Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Playing Darts for Beginners

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Are you currently learning how to play the darts? One of the main challenges of new dart players is not entirely playing the game itself, but it is choosing the right darts that will help them become a real dart player.

Playing darts is not all about the technique, getting the right shot is often times based on the dart itself; the weight, the size, the style, and the shape of the dart matters a lot when you are playing with it. When choosing the right dart, it is essential to understand everything about its parts:

•    The point (tip)
•    The barrel
•    The shaft
•    The flight

There are two variations of darts – one with a soft tip (made in plastic) and the steel tip (made in steel). Choosing between steel tip and soft tip can be confusing; both offer great benefits. Steel tip darts are often used in several tournaments such as PDC World Darts Championship. If you want to be an expert in playing the darts, best steel tip darts are ideal for beginners. Also, the steel tip darts have a lesser chance of bouncing out from the dart board, unlike the softer ones.

The soft tip darts, on the other hand, are sometimes enclosed with magnets and used on magnetic or electronic dart boards, which are ideal for home play.

The barrel comes in different sizes, styles, materials, and grips. The dart’s barrel usually weighs in between from 12 to 50 grams; yet, the most commonly used darts are those that weigh 16-20 grams.  However, most of the dart players or professionals would often recommend using darts with barrels that weighs in between 24 to 26 grams for faster and effective learning. Plus, it is much difficult