Dart Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Playing Darts for Beginners

Are you currently learning how to play the darts? One of the main challenges of new dart players is not entirely playing the game itself, but it is choosing the right darts that will help them become a real dart player.

Playing darts is not all about the technique, getting the right shot is often times based on the dart itself; the weight, the size, the style, and the shape of the dart matters a lot when you are playing with it. When choosing the right dart, it is essential to understand everything about its parts:

•    The point (tip)
•    The barrel
•    The shaft
•    The flight

There are two variations of darts – one with a soft tip (made in plastic) and the steel tip (made in steel). Choosing between steel tip and soft tip can be confusing; both offer great benefits. Steel tip darts are often used in several tournaments such as PDC World Darts Championship. If you want to be an expert in playing the darts, best steel tip darts are ideal for beginners. Also, the steel tip darts have a lesser chance of bouncing out from the dart board, unlike the softer ones.

The soft tip darts, on the other hand, are sometimes enclosed with magnets and used on magnetic or electronic dart boards, which are ideal for home play.

The barrel comes in different sizes, styles, materials, and grips. The dart’s barrel usually weighs in between from 12 to 50 grams; yet, the most commonly used darts are those that weigh 16-20 grams.  However, most of the dart players or professionals would often recommend using darts with barrels that weighs in between 24 to 26 grams for faster and effective learning. Plus, it is much difficult to throw lighter darts than the heavier ones. Thus, if you are practicing, start from the mid-weights.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right dart is to check the shaft; this part is placed above the barrel, where its function is to hold the flight and to give the better distance between the flight and the barrel. If you are to choose your first dart, you have to remember to choose according to your throwing style:

•    If you often throw your darts light but strong, you have to choose those darts with longer shafts; this is to help your dart fly much better.
•    If your throw is powerful yet paced (steady with consistent speed, you have to choose a shorter shaft.

Lastly, when determining the right dart, you also need to determine its right flight; it provides the right drag and the stability. There are two types of flights – the dimpled and the smooth ones. According to the experts:

•    A dart with dimpled flight designed to stabilize your throw.
•    If your dart is heavy, you need larger flights; the lighter darts, on the other hand, needs smaller flights for a faster throw.

Final Thoughts

These parts are a few highlights when choosing the right darts; especially for beginners. So, if you want to be a pro, you can always read reliable sources like this.

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