Getting Divorced: Should I Hire a Lawyer to Represent Me?

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Divorce is quite common today. According to experts, divorce is least common for those who are most educated, probably because they tend to marry later when they are much more mature. Still, cases of divorce, in general, are rising.

In some cases of divorce, the affected parties may choose to represent themselves instead of hiring a family or divorce lawyer to represent them. Sure, the idea of representing yourself in court may seem less costly and perhaps, more time efficient. For cases whose marriage only lasted for a very short while and there is no involvement of child custody and whatsoever, representing yourself in court might be an okay decision.

On Divorce Cases

However, most cases of divorce would usually bring along more complex issues with them such as battles between assets, custody, finance, etc. and if the opposing party is a tough challenge to go against, you might need the help of a professional divorce or family lawyer.  So, if you’re looking for a Miami family law attorney, try to run a search online. You may even check out their resumes to have an overview.

Since there are many complicated laws and rules you’ll have to deal with, hiring an attorney would be a much more cost-effective and time-efficient decision. This way, your chances of winning the divorce battle would be much greater

As for those who are still not convinced as to why they should hire a divorce lawyer, here are some of the top reasons that might just help you see the light.

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Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

  • They have expertise with matrimonial law.

To make sure that you attain the results you aim for, it would be best to hire an expert who knows his/her way through the case. Court judges will treat lawyers and non-lawyer representatives equally and so, it would be best if your sentiments are expressed through an expert who knows exactly how to get the sympathy of a judge.

  • They will give objective advice.

Without the help of lawyers in your case, your decisions might be highly influenced by extreme emotions you feel during this whole situation. Know that decisions created out of heightened emotions almost always ends up with regret in the future. Since lawyers are emotionally detached from the divorce case, they are able to think straight without prejudices and so, their advice would mean more.

  • They know options you don’t know.

As experts who have studied the laws of the family court, lawyers know what options must be exhausted. They are also much more knowledgeable about the appropriate measures to take in every step of the way of a divorce journey.

  • They have a network of professionals that might help your case.

Lawyers have connections to psychologists and other witnesses who may be required to serve as witnesses for your divorce case. Basically, looking for a qualified psychologist who will help you win your case would become much easier with the help of a lawyer.

  • They take care of the paperwork.

Let’s face it, any case brought to the court deals with a lot of paperwork that needs to be checked professionally. On these papers, there may be statements which lay people won’t really understand in depth; the assistance of a professional lawyer will ensure that you understand the contents of the paperwork well. Moreover, the lawyer ensures your credibility by getting to know exactly what should be written on the paperwork.

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