The Best and Easiest Steps to Enhance Online Security

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In the internet world, you never really know who are lurking behind the screens. Millions of people from all over the world might just have a way to access your personal accounts; indeed, there are several things to be considered before getting comfortable online. Thus, it is extremely important to set forward certain measures that would greatly improve online security so as to avoid online hackers and other cyber threats.

The truth is attaining utmost security online need not to be hard nor expensive. Even simple measures would already make a big impact on online security. With this in mind, we have listed the best and easiest tips on enhancing online security below.

Improving Online Security

  • Start with your password

Perhaps, the most basic security measure to ensure is to have a very strong password. Most people prefer to use passwords which are super easy to retrieve; in certain cases, it may be too easy to guess for others. For instance, common security codes or passwords would literally be 1,2,3,4 or other common number sequences which any person can easily try out. Hence, it would be best to combine certain dates or favorite numbers or words to create a unique password which only you would know.


Furthermore, it would also be best to have different passwords for different accounts. This gets rid of the possibility of getting hacked in all your accounts.

  • Try to stay away from public wifi networks

When doing online banking or checking important emails, try to avoid doing these through public networks. And if this cannot be avoided, you might as well check out the the top VPN company in the New Zealand area  and think about since you are going to need the help of a VPN in order to lower the risks of security threats.

  • Avoid sensitive information on online storage services

Most of us love to save pictures, videos, and other important data on clouds online. Certain clouds like iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive, and many others are some of these not-so-safe place. Of course, you may use these for back-ups but try not to put sensitive information in these applications since we never really know who may be able to access these.

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  • Check the privacy settings of your online accounts

Always monitor the privacy settings of each social media accounts you have. Whether for your online banking account or for twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc., monitor the privacy settings in order to increase your online privacy and security.

  • Activate security verification measures

In all of your online accounts, make sure you activate security verification measures. These measures will give you a heads up when your account is being logged in by different devices, browsers, etc.

  • Be aware of phishing threats

Before you click on any links, make sure these are not phishing links. Phishing basically refers to the attempt of obtaining sensitive information for malicious reasons. Thus, be wary before you click on links you might encounter online. Do not just click and click without doing a simple research on what that unfamiliar link might be for.

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