4 Secrets to Keeping Your Kitchen Knives Sharp

As a cook, your knives are your most prized possession. Working with sharp knives will not only give you better results and make cooking more enjoyable, it will also be safer as well. Dull knives require you to apply more pressure when cutting and can slip, which could result in injuries. Not only that, but a good set of knives could easily set you back a few hundred dollars, so you want to keep them in good shape as long as you can. Here are a few things that you can do to increase your knives’ longevity and keep them sharp.

Don’t Overuse Your Chef’s Knife

Your chef’s knife is the most important, and most valuable, knife in your collection. So, you should use it sparingly and only for the applications it was made for. You should only use your chef’s knife for cutting vegetables and certain kinds of meat. If you’re going to cut bread, use a serrated knife. A serrated knife will also work great for cutting things like tomatoes, for instance. And never, under any circumstances, use it to cut frozen foods. If you care about your knives, let food thaw before cutting as steel from your knives could easily chip away.

Use the Right Cutting Board

The cutting board you choose will also have a direct influence on your knives’ durability. The absolute worst material you could go for is glass. Glass has the virtue of being easy to clean, but it can also destroy your knives. If you need a cutting board to handle meats, plastic is usually a better option, though it can still be hard on knives in some case. The best material for knives is wood without a doubt. This surface will be gentle on your knives and cutting on them feels a lot better as well. Plus, wood lasts a long time too, as long as you care for it properly.

If you’re looking for a great hardwood cutting board, you can always check the selection at Virginia Boys Kitchens. Their walnut wood cutting boards are made from the best materials and are sourced right here in the USA. Walnut boards are also easy to maintain and safe thanks to their antibacterial properties.

Clean Knives the Right Way

People are often unaware of how much damage knives can suffer when they’re not cleaned the right way. The worst thing you could do for your knives is throw them into the dishwasher. When you do, the knives risk getting into contact with other utensils in the dishwasher and suffer some unnecessary dulling.

Pay a Pro to Sharpen Your Knives

While it may seem old school to use a knife sharpener to sharpen your knives, you’ll be glad you’ve made the decision. Most people don’t have the technique down and you don’t want to start practicing on your brand new set of Victorinox’s. Not only that, but you’ll never be able to get the same result with steel. Using steel is like using a toothbrush while going to a pro is like getting a full dental treatment, so make sure you protect your investment and give your knives the best care you can.


Knives are a serious investment for any cook and you should take care of them and cherish them. Make sure that you follow these tips if you want to keep them in perfect condition for a long time and keep them as sharp as possible.

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