How to Give Your Office a Makeover that Employees Appreciate

Did you know that building workplace morale not only makes for a more enjoyable environment but can increase productivity? Employees who feel happy and satisfied at their job, as well as appreciated by their employer, will put in more work and thereby be more productive. The more appreciation you show them, and the more comfortable and efficient you make the workplace, the better the productivity will get.

So, what this means is that it could be time for an office makeover to spruce up the place, get employees excited about coming to work, and make for a professional yet comfortable environment. Here are some great tips you can use to jazz up the office.

Update Computer Equipment

Here’s an update that won’t just change the look of the office, but will instantly increase productivity. Ask yourself if it’s time for all new modern computers that are capable of handling tasks in a faster more streamlined way. What employee wouldn’t get excited to find a brand new computer sitting on their desk?

Provide Employees with Free Coffee Daily

How many times a day do employees duck out of the office to head to the coffee shop and pick up a beverage? Not only is this taking away from productivity, but those fancy cups of coffee will also start to add up, so it’s a hit to an employee’s wallet. Why not provide them with a professional and luxe barista vibe in the office breakroom? You can invest in commercial pod coffee machines that will have employees feeling appreciated and offer a high level of convenience and cost savings.

A Spectacular and Welcoming Breakroom

And if you’re going to give employees a coffee machine, they need a break room to kick back and relax in. Spending a little extra time, energy, and money to design a space that feels homey, modern, engaging and special will go a long way in the eyes of your employees.

Bring a Sense of Nature Into the Space

Professional decorators will also tell you it’s important to bring a sense of nature into the office space. This can be done through the color palette you choose, the fabrics and materials, the artwork, and even indoor plants. Nature helps to create a more calming environment, exactly what you want in the workplace.

It’s Time for a Fresh New Color Palette

And while you’re bringing in a sense of nature, why not update the color palette to something fresh, new, and welcoming. There is no reason to stick with the typical office paint colors that tend to come off dull. Some colors you can consider are pale yellow, light blue, rich gray or a dove gray, teal, or grey with a blue undertone. The idea is that each of these colors is uplifting, cheerful, modern and are far from boring and typical.

Allow as Much Natural Light as Possible

Emphasis should also be on allowing as much natural light into the space as possible. This may require taking down heavy window coverings and installing sheers or blinds that can be opened/closed and moving furniture that is currently blocking the windows.

Give Everyone a New Ergonomic Office Chair

Finally, you don’t want to forget comfort and there’s no better way to ensure comfort than with new ergonomic office chairs for everyone. These ensure proper posture which means fewer aches and pains, which also means employees will feel more comfortable working long hours.

It’s a Win-Win

The fact is that if you show your employees they are appreciated and valued, then they tend to be much happier workers. Happy workers translate to improved productivity, making for a win-win.

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