Ideas on How to Give a Makeover for Your Home’s Exterior

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Home improvement is one of the most interesting ideas for any homeowner. Nothing else beats shopping for decors, planning for expansion, and finally seeing the final results of a home-makeover. However, as homeowners, we usually set more of our focus on designing and improving the interior part of our homes (i.e. buying new interior furniture or installing a home theater) that oftentimes the outdoor areas are left out.

When we invest in giving our homes a new look, it also increases the value of our home. Aside from this, it reflects our attitude towards the place where we live in. In a sense, giving our home a makeover is giving our life a new look as well.

With all these in mind, it’s pretty obvious that you might be wondering about the different types of improvements homeowners can go for. Now, there are so many ideas out there and below, we will be discussing a few of the best ones. So, without any more delay, let’s get right into it.

Improvement Ideas

Create your own garden

Green, nature’s color, is found to be one that reduces stress; hence, many homeowners do not think twice when it comes to creating their very own gardening area. Indeed, the beauty of the grass, shrubs, flowers, and other plants will definitely draw positive attention from passerbys. Furthermore, it helps give your house a more exciting look and looking at it will definitely be a great help for reducing stress.  

Install lighting

One of the simplest ideas on how to improve the outside part of your home is by installing outdoor lighting. You will want to go for lights that are low-voltage. Having lights outside the house, perhaps in your curb area or on your garden, would definitely help in making your place look more like a happy home and less like a haunted house. And if there are some ongoing events at home, you may even install laser lights outdoors or indoors; you can find out more about the different types from this outdoor laser website.

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Repaint walls and fences

If you’re not sold to the idea of installing new features outside your home then maybe you’re interested in giving your old exterior home accessories a renewed look. Your exterior walls, fences, mailbox, etc. might just need a little bit of repainting to give them a fresher look. What’s great is you can even do this by yourself or with the help of your family members.

Replace worn-out features

If you have home accessories that are dysfunctional and are just sitting there looking ugly, perhaps it’s time to remove, replace, or fix these worn-out features of your home. For instance, if your fence or gate is at the brink of death, you might want to replace it with something new; however, if it can still be fixed then give it what it needs.

Improve your entryway

You can improve your house’s entryway by installing beautiful tiles for the floor that’s leading to your steps. If not, you may also focus on giving more life to your doorstep instead (e.g. put in a new “welcome” rug, place some fresh flowers in the patio’s center table, add lights to the walkway, etc.)


Suggestions in Building Your Very Own Affordable Home Theater

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For many of us, building our own home theater sounds like a very expensive investment. But to tell you honestly, it actually doesn’t have to make a hole in your pocket. Needless to say, it will really cost you some amount. For some homeowners, it costs them their entire bank and moreover, it may even lead to fights with your spouse. So before your arguments lead to divorce discussions,  let us teach you to do it the right way. As you keep your budget on the low, you’ll still be able to get a great quality cinema at home.

Home theaters do not have to all fancy. You can simply skip buying overpriced theater essentials. The key is to spend wisely. Without further ado, let me show you the tips and tricks on how to establish a home theater that will not lead you to bankruptcy.

Utilize extra room.

For some homeowners, they actually install another room or tear down their extra room and open their walls to install wiring that can be hidden. We all know this is not necessary and that even without this process, you can still manage a home theater. Simply make use of your extra room as is, no need to spend extra for repainting walls, installing carpets, etc.

Make use of old speakers.

When it comes to buying the theater essentials, take some time to go over your storage room or your house. See if there are some equipment that may still be considered useful. If you’ve got some old-school speakers which still work, you can start with that. As long as your equipment works, there is no problem. Ignore the vintage look, it’s the function that matters.

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Avoid smart TVs.

Today, smart TVs which have surprising privacy policies have been part of the trend. But seriously, it’s not a necessity for your home theater. Portable movie screens or even DIY movie screens work great and will help you save loads. With the help of a simple and affordable blu-ray or dvd player, your theater is good to go.

Choose best-value projector.

One of the biggest costs when setting up your own cinema theater at home is purchasing a projector. There is no cutting of corners; the best way to do this is by purchasing a projector that is actually worth it. Thankfully, online reviews are there to save the day. Check out reviews about excelvan projectors as this brand seems to offer a deal that’s actually worthy.

Make use of couches.

To complete your home theater, you’ll have to place some comfortable seats in the location. We’ve seen those seats which resemble those that are found in director’s club cinemas but do you really need it? As a matter of fact, couches or bean bags may already work well. For as long the seats you have are comfortable, there is no need to go buy a set of legit-looking cinema chairs.


Getting Divorced: Should I Hire a Lawyer to Represent Me?

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Divorce is quite common today. According to experts, divorce is least common for those who are most educated, probably because they tend to marry later when they are much more mature. Still, cases of divorce, in general, are rising.

In some cases of divorce, the affected parties may choose to represent themselves instead of hiring a family or divorce lawyer to represent them. Sure, the idea of representing yourself in court may seem less costly and perhaps, more time efficient. For cases whose marriage only lasted for a very short while and there is no involvement of child custody and whatsoever, representing yourself in court might be an okay decision.

On Divorce Cases

However, most cases of divorce would usually bring along more complex issues with them such as battles between assets, custody, finance, etc. and if the opposing party is a tough challenge to go against, you might need the help of a professional divorce or family lawyer.  So, if you’re looking for a Miami family law attorney, try to run a search online. You may even check out their resumes to have an overview.

Since there are many complicated laws and rules you’ll have to deal with, hiring an attorney would be a much more cost-effective and time-efficient decision. This way, your chances of winning the divorce battle would be much greater

As for those who are still not convinced as to why they should hire a divorce lawyer, here are some of the top reasons that might just help you see the light.

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Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

  • They have expertise with matrimonial law.

To make sure that you attain the results you aim for, it would be best to hire an expert who knows his/her way through the case. Court judges will treat lawyers and non-lawyer representatives equally and so, it would be best if your sentiments are expressed through an expert who knows exactly how to get the sympathy of a judge.

  • They will give objective advice.

Without the help of lawyers in your case, your decisions might be highly influenced by extreme emotions you feel during this whole situation. Know that decisions created out of heightened emotions almost always ends up with regret in the future. Since lawyers are emotionally detached from the divorce case, they are able to think straight without prejudices and so, their advice would mean more.

  • They know options you don’t know.

As experts who have studied the laws of the family court, lawyers know what options must be exhausted. They are also much more knowledgeable about the appropriate measures to take in every step of the way of a divorce journey.

  • They have a network of professionals that might help your case.

Lawyers have connections to psychologists and other witnesses who may be required to serve as witnesses for your divorce case. Basically, looking for a qualified psychologist who will help you win your case would become much easier with the help of a lawyer.

  • They take care of the paperwork.

Let’s face it, any case brought to the court deals with a lot of paperwork that needs to be checked professionally. On these papers, there may be statements which lay people won’t really understand in depth; the assistance of a professional lawyer will ensure that you understand the contents of the paperwork well. Moreover, the lawyer ensures your credibility by getting to know exactly what should be written on the paperwork.


Common Mistakes Programmers Make When Writing A Resume

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It’s a lucky day for your graphic designer friend who just got hired. And here you are,  a programmer, wondering why you still haven’t landed your ‘ultimate’ software developing job yet. Well, this article is for you.

Perhaps, you’re not even sure what your first resume, as a programmer, should include. And as you know, the content of the resume is very important. Unfortunately, there are some very common mistakes that a programmer makes while writing their resume, which gets them, rejected almost immediately.

There are a lot of opportunities for software professionals in the internet era.

All you need to know is how to write that perfect resume. A resume and how it is drafted, can make or break your future jobs, career prospects, etc. Since, it is the first impression before you even meet your prospective hirer; you need to dedicate considerable time and effort for it.

You might think putting all your knowledge on your resume will give you a head start. But in fact, it works otherwise. To reach your actual boss, you have to cross a HR who often eliminates resumes on various grounds.

The Common Mistakes

Keywords: A HR is not well versed with technical terminologies and so will look for keywords. If your resume includes technical details but misses’ keywords, your resume is out.

Too much Technical Language: If your resume is full of terminologies that an HR cannot understand, it may work against you. Always keep the language simple. Unfortunately, a programmer’s work is mainly project based, and they tend to write details of each. Keep the words such that even a non-techie can understand.

Verbose Resume: If your resume extends to multiple pages, chances are that HR may not take the effort to read it all. Keep your resume crisp and simple. You can keep a detailed technical overview ready for your actual prospective boss.

tips for unemployed programmers

Making resume open to difficult: To highlight your technical proficiency if you create a high end resume in ‘.docx or Open Office’s.odt’ that are difficult for a HR to open, the probably may not open it all. Submit your resume in a simple word document that is decipherable for all.

Exaggerating Experience: This is a common mistake. Especially if you exaggerate experience in fields that probably weren’t that long themselves, your resume appears bogus.

Writing about Outdated or Obsolete Programming Skills. Even if you were adept in the skill, once it is outdated writing about your expertise doesn’t add value to your resume. Even if you must mention, it need not be the highlight of your resume.

Having too much irrelevant details. This is another mistake that a programmer makes. You can keep out smaller irrelevant details away from your resume. Being President of College Clubs or stints during high schooling are not career making details. You can keep such details out.

There are many other finer mistakes that a programmer does, not realizing its implications. Often, these resumes don’t get passed the HR, and many great job opportunities are lost.

What can a programmer do to improve their resume? 

A simple solution to this problem may be to create your resume with a resume builder. So, if you need to build a resume now, then check out Online Resume Builders to get a resume that will sell your skills well.


















All About Artistic Roller Skating: Getting to Know The Disciplines

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We all have heard about roller skating–a recreational activity, also considered as a sport, wherein people travel on the surface using roller skates. This activity became popular in the United States around the 1930s up until the 1960s.

Artistic Roller Skating

Aside from the usual roller skating, a version called artistic roller skating also became widespread. In this sport, roller skaters imitate figure skaters. The only difference is that they do their thing off the ice with the use of quad skates, mostly, or inline skates.

In spite the many artistic skating competitions all around the world, not many are familiar with the disciplines of artistic roller skating. As a matter of fact, not many know about artistic roller skating at all but have probably seen some of its disciplines.

Here in Art Box, let’s get to know artistic roller skating some more by getting to know the different disciplines it has.

The Disciplines

  • Dance

As implied by its name, this discipline caters to dancing but with roller skates on. The sub-disciplines include compulsory dance, wherein a compulsory dance has to be performed, original dance, wherein a dance is constructed from two rhythms.

Another sub discipline is free dance which is basically just similar to ice free dance with some changes in the rule. In a sense, solo dance covers all three sub-disciplines.  

  • Figures

In this discipline, skaters deal with figures such as circles. There would be circular figures painted on the surface and skaters would have to trace them. Almost similar to compulsory figures on ice but for compulsory figures skating, the skaters themselves draw the figures on blank surfaces.

For these competitions, the judges grade the skaters according to their placement of turns, edges, take off as well as their posture and form.

roller skating competition

  • Freestyle

In the freestyle discipline, the skaters incorporate figure skating footwork, jumps and spins. This discipline is quite similar to ice skating as it uses the same jumps with some changed terms. Basically, this type of artistic roller skating makes use of choreographed routines.

This discipline could be done in pairs wherein extraordinary spins and lifting overhead can be performed. Furthermore, the skaters usually learn a lot about drama and dance creativity.

  • Precision

In this discipline, a team of 6 to 24 skaters perform at the same time. They are supposed to precisely move and flow as one unit; hence, the name “precision”. This discipline is based from synchronized ice skating.  The team performs routines choreographed to music; they also have to incorporate formations of circles, lines, intersections, etc.

The Bottom Line

Roller skating, figure skating, ice skating and all other skating sports are truly fun and challenging activities you can do all year round; this is why there are lots of fuss when it comes to skates. And so if you’re looking for something new this summer, check out Skate HQ’s section on roller derby skates to see what all the fuss is about. In another news, the first outdoor roller skating rink  in Houston just opened. 


Top 7 Graphic Design Trends for 2017

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You never really know what to expect in the creative industry, especially in grapsec-graphic-design-bachelorhic design. Artists and graphic designers are
always brimming with new ideas that they can incorporate in posters, flyers, ads, social media images, and other works. These ideas are often inspired by popular culture, recent events, fashion, and whatever else that artists can draw inspiration from.

This 2017, expect new trends to rise and a few trends from last year to still be present. If you want to build a career as a graphic designer, it would be best to keep tabs on these trends to an make sure you don’t get left behind.

  •    Loud and Bright Colors

It is important to capture the attention of people who pass by your posters or ads and a loud pop off; a color will do the trick. Neutral colors – like black, white, and gray – were the trend last year, so the eyes of people have gotten quite used to them.

  •    The Color Pantonepantone-book

Pantone is a fresh, yellow-green shade that will remind anyone of new leaves in the spring. A lot of people, especially
millennials, have become fond of travelling to scenic nature spots and photographing different kinds of green. This is the main reason why the color now looks very appealing in the eyes of everyone.

  •    Modern Retro

Old logos and icons have always been effective in making people feel nostalgic. That’s why they never go out of style. This 2017, expect the same logos and icons to get a more detailed and colored makeover to make them look refreshing, even if they have been present for years.

  •    Bold Fonts

In the last few years, photos or illustrations were the main focal point of a poster. But, this has changed. Graphic designers now use bold fonts in big sizes to get the attention of viewers and get their messages across more swiftly. However, artists still make sure that the font works well with the theme of the poster.

  •    Minimalism

Minimalism is inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics. It keeps elements minimum, small, and simple. It allows a lot of blank space to give their viewers a more relaxed vibe without compromising the effectiveness of how they deliver the message. Because of this, it won’t be surprising to see a lot of graphic designers cling to this trend in the next years to come.

  •    Geometric Patterns0

Nothing adds a modern and sleek touch better than geometric shapes. With the rise of electronic dance music and rave parties
came the widespread use of rectangles, triangles, and hexagons to give an edgy feel to any design. Geometric patterns are often used with bright colors to keep the design fun and attract audience in the younger age groups.

  •    Hand-drawn Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations keep the design simple, but not boring. The simple lines, minimal use of color and depth make overall design easy on the eyes. Using hand-drawn illustrations keep the design breathable and wouldn’t give the viewers a hard time in understanding the message it aims to deliver.


Nobody knows when these trends in graphic design will change. So, be sure to make it a part of your routine to check out the latest work or popular graphic designers around the world. It is a great way of keeping up to date with what’s new and what’s gone. Plus, you can get the inspiration that you need to build your portfolio, too! Don’t be afraid to take these trends and inject your dose of creativity to create an original and appealing design that your audience will love looking at.