Reptiles as Home Pets

friendly gecko

A common household usually has dogs or cats as pets. It is rare to have any other species as pets like reptiles in a home; that is why most pet lovers are hesitant to have one.

It is scientifically proven that having home pets are a great help for mental stability. Having the responsibility to take care of them and them being a great companion contributes to the person’s well-being.

It is common to have the mentality of reptiles being vile and scary creatures. No one should be judged for having that thought as some reptiles are seen to be dark, scary, and gross; but an open mind is needed if you are in a search for the best home pet. Some of them are very suitable for home pets and can become the best companion a pet partner can ever have.

Advantages of Having Reptiles as Pets

Longer Life Span

Living Space

Low maintenance

No Fur

No Training or Discipline teaching required

a. Longer Life Span

Reptiles are said to have a longer life span compared to any other house pets.

b. Living Space

Especially for those who have limited space in their homes, reptiles don’t need large living space. This alone is a great takeaway in having reptiles as home pets.

c. Low maintenance

Although it is said that having reptiles does not require you to fully and constantly check up on your pet, it still needs all those basic and general care a pet should have such as proper diet, hygiene, and more.

d. No fur

Reptiles have no fur. With this said, you don’t have to consistently clean out fur from every corner of your home; this will lessen the likelihood of you developing allergies caused by fine and thin fur.

e. No Training or Discipline teaching required

Unlike your typical pet cats and dogs that require training for discipline development, your pet reptiles won’t need one. Training is done to eliminate the chances of your pet going berserk and causing chaos around your house. Reptiles are the kind that stays in their places and space out or just are leisurely enjoying their own time.

These are just some of the advantages of having to raise reptiles as pets. There might be that are not mentioned above, so it might be best to do more detailed research for more information about lizards and geckos before making the decision.

What is the best reptile to start as a home pet?

It should be best to start with Lizards and Geckos.

1. African Fat-tailed Geckos

The African Fat-tailed Gecko is smaller in size and is very docile which allows handling from their pet parents. They are easy to care for that is why African Fat-tailed Geckos are recommended for those who are considered beginners in raising reptiles as pets.

2. Leopard Geckos

Also considered as a beginner reptile, the Leopard Gecko is one of the most common ones among all the Geckos. They are easy to handle with their small size and require less or minimal care. The Leopard Geckos are commonly found as white or yellow with black spots covering their whole body. As this is the most common kind, there are more who prefer to raise Leopard Geckos.

3. Iguanas

The Iguana is the most popular lizard pet on the list. Although they are considered famous and popular, they are a little bit tricky to have. But if you are up for a little bit of challenge, then there’s no need to worry. There are a few things you need to know about them before picking Iguana as a pet.

  • They have strict living and feeding requirements.
  • They can grow larger.
  • Iguanas are stronger compared to other home pet lizards.
  • They can live for quite a while.
  • They are difficult to tame and sometimes become aggressive when not regularly handled.

Raising reptiles in your home is sure to be unusual and challenging for beginners. To help you get acquainted with them more, a beginner reptile parent should do thorough research before anything else.

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